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Mahjongg Free


While it is clear that Mahjongg or (also Mahjong or Mah-jongg) is a Chinese game, there are many theories regarding its origins. Some myths claim that Confucius himself created the game around 500 BC.
Other theories claim that Chinese officers created Mahjongg to pass the time. However, the true origin of Mahjongg is still unknown.
The game was later adopted by different countries and cultures and it changed rules many times.
Today there are lots of mahjongg variations and rules; for example, Mahjong solitaire is very different from the original game or the multiplayer version, and online games such as Mahjongg Free is also different from the classical mahjong solitaire.


Today there are many places online where you can play Mahjongg free. One of the greatest places to play the game is Many of the mahjongg games you can find here are developed by us and are usually easier and more entertaining than the classical version.


Is a game developed by the team and features 10 levels with isometric graphics. The pieces are cube-shaped and look very different from the original tiles (although most of the original chinese symbols are still there)

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